All Wild Eyed and Wizardy

Hi there!

I promised to update you in an earlier post (check out the link under this post) when I was sketching out a wizard for one of the journals in the paint and pass on the Willowing “ning” site, and here is the update…FINALLY! I had wanted to show my progress all the way through so you could see the steps I took. But…I didn’t…sorry. My problem is that I get so involved in creating sometimes that I don’t stop to take pictures along the way. I will have to get better at that if I am going to share with you my techniques and tips and how my artistic brain works.

I used acrylic paint and blocked out the larger areas of paint first and then built up from the darkest colour to the lightest. This actual size of the each page is 8″ x 8″.

Here is a couple of pictures to show close up and far away shots of the wizard. I still have more detail work to do on his beard and on the background.  I may write something on the background, but I am not sure at this point in the process. I suppose there will be one more photo shoot or scan before I send it off to the artist Kalona. I will see you then! I am aiming to mail it to the next person on the list by Wednesday, because I have been pondering on the price of fish…and putting off completing this wizard for far too long!

Copyright 2012 – Heather Gailey
Copyright 2012 – Heather Gailey

This is probably one of the few times I have painted a man’s face and I think I did a pretty good job. I do seem to be much more confident painting women’s faces though. Weird! Do you have that problem? Let me know.


6 thoughts on “All Wild Eyed and Wizardy

      1. I will definitely check those out! I’m usually lucky if I can get the facial features to look like the belong on the same face, although the last couple of people drawings I have been playing with, the eyes and mouths have turned out pretty good. If I can keep that up it would be awesome to be able to finish the rest of the face without it looking flat 🙂 Thanks for the video recommendations!

  1. Love the face. I also find it hard to draw men’s faces, It must have something to do with their bone structure? I think i’ll have to start studying them more, but when you stare at people they think your weird lol

    1. Me too. My men always end up looking very feminine for some reason. Although “they” say the faces we draw are essentially our own. For this one I did alot of photo research and then merged them together to make it look more manly. I am happy with how it turned out. I hope the person who owns the journal will be happy too.

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