But Heather…I am not an Artist!

Artists not required

Whenever I am out and about networking and talking up Art Journaling and my plans to offer “Creative Wordshops” in the very near future, it surprises me that I always have wonderful, strong women say to me….”But Heather, I am not an artist!” I say…”you don’t have to be. Just come out and have fun and tap into your inner finger painter. I will teach you everything you need to get by, and if you never want to show your Art Journal to anyone outside of the group/class…You…NEVER…have…too.” Just come!

Like this painting I have been working on for a month…A face only a mother could love!

A face only a Mother could love by Heather Gailey – Acrylics, Pencil Crayons, Collage, Japanese handmade paper, Water Soluble Pastels, Sharpie

Just trust me and come out to play when I call on you…OK?


One thought on “But Heather…I am not an Artist!

  1. What I was meaning to say is that…this picture is art…but it is not perfect. Her face is odd and she has a crooked mouth, but yet I am happy with the way it turned out. It is my art. : )

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