There’s No Rhyme or Reason

Bermuda Triangle time zone

I have no idea how I manage to get a journal in the mail yesterday, and then finish working in it tonight – ready to mail to the next person on Tuesday. Then I manage to get a journal two months ago and still can’t get finished! What is that all about??

I received Joy’s “ALTERED” book/journal in the mail and was inspired immediately to work on my page until it was done. Maybe it was the beautiful page next to mine completed by Heather N. She is an amazing artist. Her art inspires me each time I see it and someday I hope to own a wonderful piece of her art and to even meet her(she lives so very far away from me – beauty of the internet). I was also equally inspired by all of the pages that the other artists have completed – So unique and beautiful and all “altered” in their own way.

The Theme

Joy stated on the opening page of her journal that the theme could be anything that suggested the topic of “altered”, “alter”, or “altar”. Something that “altered” your life or something that you “altered” – as in a piece of art, or an “altar” to something of importance to you – in a more religious context perhaps. As in most journals that come around, you have the freedom to create and therefore the possibilities are endless!

The Trend

There is a big trend right now to use found objects and “junk” in journals, and in one’s art in general. altered books have become a really big trend. It is hard to explain completely so if you have time to wander, have a look at the link because it is very cool…and HOT right now.

My Journal Entry

Having Babies Altered my life – by Heather Gailey

What I Used

The size of the painting/book is 9′ x 8″ and made of very heavy watercolour paper – at least 140lb and maybe heavier. The page was painted plain mauve when I got it and I painted and distressed the background with 4 or 5 different colours of varying values using acrylic paint. I also used torn Japanese handmade papers for her dress and cut out letters from various magazines in the ransom note style. I used individual letter stamps for the word babies and outlined most of the lettering using a purple, fine line, sharpie marker. The “bust” of the girl is a photocopy of a drawing I did which I will be talking more about in the next post. I used Prisma colour pencil crayons to colour her face before the photocopy process.

I guess I should have added in that “Having babies altered my life” for….the better. However, because they are teenagers right now I find that I reassess this statement on a daily basis. 😉

What has “altered” your life?

I challenge you to ponder this question and journal about it today, either on your blog or in your paper journal. Leave a comment below for me and share what it is as well….please


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