I am an artist because….

Cristian Mihai is having a contest and is asking people who come to his blog and are interested in being part of the contest to finish this sentence I have written above.

WOW! that is a good one for sure. Sometimes as artists..of any type…we just “are” and cannot always verbalize to someone why we do what we do. Hmmm…I guess I am up for the challenge and I will write what I think about it and share it with you.

I am an artist because…I was born an artist. I came out screaming “I am an artist!” and very soon showed my parents through drawings when I was very little that I would be an artist no matter what. At the age of 6 I told my mother that I was going to be a Fashion Designer and in an unfortunate turn of events while visiting the major art gallery with my mother in Toronto, I once reached up and touched a very expensive oil painting. Security ran from all over the Gallery to chastise me AND my mother for not trying to stop me. I somehow was not even frightened.

My mother later shared with me that this escapade had sealed the deal for her and her belief in my desire to get inside my art, to touch it, and to live it. I did end up following up on my dream of becoming a Fashion Designer and I also had a stint as a famous Canadian Doll Artist for a while. Then a break and now back to my roots of art. Loving every moment of it.

So…Cristain Mihai, I am an artist because…art is in my blood. Art courses through my veins. It makes me happy to make it, and equally as happy to look at it. I live, breathe, eat. and sleep it. and if I could get away with it, I would do nothing else all day long.

Painting and Pencil Rendering by Heather Gailey

When I am cut off from creating art or being in a creative environment, I feel as if my soul is dying. I think that is how I know I am an artist.

By the way…Thanks for asking…


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