If a picture paints a thousand words….

This painting should say it all.

Blue – 12 x 12 painting by Heather Gailey

Holy Art Journaling Batman!

I am on a roll!

In September I decided to go back to school to get my Bachelors Degree in Adult Education at one of the local Universities. It was a thoughtful choice not made lightly, in response to the local employment dilemma of an “employers market”. In an employers market, employers can ask potential candidates for the moon…and they do! They are asking that people who answer phones for a living to have a business admin degree, and because of the competition, they get it. This phenomenon has actually changed the face of Adult Education as we know it.

My Career Counselling Diploma and Teaching and Training Adults certificate is not longer ENOUGH education to work in my field. So falling in line with the new philosophies of “life long learning”, I thought it was in my best interest, while in transition, to get my behind back into a learning environment – tout suite! (what was I thinking!?)

One of the projects of the first semester – Foundations of Adult Education, is to keep a weekly learning Journal. So here’s me thinking…

Why not make it an art journal?…So…I did!

Here are some of the first journal entries I completed. No one said the journal should be boring.Adult Education Learning journal inside cover and first page – Heather Gailey Sept. 2012

I dubbed my journal “The Art of Reflection”. I think it is very fitting. The Glossary of Terms is something we have to complete each session. We have to write words that come up that we want to capture for future usage.

Adult Education Learning journal #1, 2nd page – Heather Gailey Sept. 2012

Sorry can’t post the adjoining page to this as it is kinda personal. I think you can get the drift about the topic though. I wrote all about the “ins” and “outs” of using “Buzz” words in our daily language. It was the “ah ha” moment for me during the first session. The only thing I don’t like about this spread is that the photocopy of the girl became discoloured when I put water-based varnish over it.

Liberalism – Heather Gailey 2012

This last journal page depicts a philosophy of teaching called liberalism. Instead of writing about it we had to draw it. That of course made me happy, because then I am in my element. Explanation and Information taken from this website

What are some of the main philosophies in the field of Adult Education?

Prepared by Tamar Kagan and Alfred Meidow, OISE/UT

According to Sue M. Scott, there are five main philosophies of Adult Education. The five philosophies are Liberal, Progressive, Behaviourist, Humanist, and Radical.

Liberal (Arts) Adult Education

To develop, stimulate, and discipline the mind through the study of principles and absolutes
To seek knowledge for its own sake in order to gain a ‘well-rounded’ perspective of the world
Learner seeks knowledge over his/her lifetime
Teacher is the expert
Knowledge is transmitted from the teacher (e.g., through lectures)
Teacher challenges students to absorb information and think about it critically
Evaluation takes place through essays, critical analysis, and discussion
Methods used include lectures, reading and critical analysis, question-and-answer, teacher-led discussion, individual study, essay testing, and ‘bell-curve’ grading
Important contributors to this philosophy: Aristotle, Plato, Rousseau, Piaget, Hutchins, Adler, Houle, and Hirsch.

My philosophy of Adult Education is generally Humanist with a bit of Radical and Progressive thrown in for good measure. Here is the explanation from the same site.

Humanistic Adult Education

To enhance personal growth and development
To allow the learner to be involved in knowledge construction and ‘meaning making’
To cultivate the self
Learner is motivated and directs the learning process
Teacher is a mediator who balances the different learning styles and goals of students
Teacher supports the individual in realizing his/her potential
Evaluation takes place by examining the extent to which people learn about themselves in relation to the subject matter
Methods used include experiential learning, discovery learning, open discussion, individual projects, collaborative learning, independent study, self-assessment, popular education, personal growth and development programs, and assertiveness training
Important contributors to this philosophy: Rogers, Maslow, Knowles, Tough, Mezirow, Stanage

Ok…enough pontificating and picture loading for one evening…have to go and hem some pants for work tomorrow. Nite nite!

Inspiration Friday

I can’t believe that it is Friday already! The days of the week are just floating by and before you know it we will be enjoying an official Thanksgiving Turkey and pumpkin pie (in Canada).

I have been on the look out this week for an artsy inspiration to share with you and I have managed to find a couple. The great thing is as artists, we can look to anything for our inspiration. Anything that life has to offer. Some people get inspiration from music. Some get inspired after eating a fabulous meal, some get inspiration from their natural surroundings, and some people find inspiration through spending time with others.

This Friday I will try to post one thing for each possible inspiration

Artist Inspiration

And this one

Musical Inspiration

Food Inspiration

Emmy Cooks

Have an inspirational weekend!

Make a Timeline

How can you inject your creativity and creative mind into a job that is not necessarily creative? I have an idea for you.

Sometimes it is not easy, but here is something that worked for me.

Ask your Boss/Manager if you can make a timeline for your department or the contract/project you are working on. Here are two pages of the 7 page timeline I was able to complete while I was at my last job. The company had one, but not our tiny perfect project, so I decided to take on the challenge.

I used plain white printer paper, drew the picture initially with pencil and then inked them all with my Sharpie. I set them up with the dates and months going across the top and then how we were feeling and what was going on for the company down the left hand side. You can set yours up however you like!

I won’t post all of them as I don’t want to give away any top-secret info. LOL. Do you have a “creativity injection” you can share with me? I am always open to new ideas.

TIOW timeline – by Heather Gailey
TIOW timeline – by Heather Gailey

Monday Top Tips # 5

Top Tip As promised….giving two for the price of one!

#1 – Whenever I can, I love to recycle. Lately, I have used leftover sushi containers for my painter’s pallet. They are small, cute, and have a lip so the paint doesn’t leak out. They are perfect and they last a very long time.I have used the one on the top for a several months now. It is like a gift that keeps on giving.

#2 – Who needs to buy expensive stuff when you can make your own art supplies? Found object art is on the rise and when money is tight, I look around to see what there is lying around the house. The challenge of looking around the house and in my studio for found objects curbs my urges to run off to the local Michael’s and “blow a bundle”.

The other day I bought some small white erasers at the dollar store. I took one(shown below), drew a pattern, and carved it using an Exacto knife. You could also use lino cutting tools if you felt more comfortable.  It was just a pattern that I made up on a whim and will try to use in my journal over the next couple of weeks. I think it would actually make a nice border with multiple prints.Here is what it looked like after I printed it. I used a stamp pad from the dollar section at Michael’s so the entire project cost me just over a dollar(the erasers come 3 to 4 in a package).
I never really planned that it would turn into hearts!

Hope you enjoyed the tips today. I am adding a few website addresses that you can check out if you want to make your own eraser stamps.

Have a great evening!

Inspiration Friday – In case of brain fart…break glass!

Hello all! I can’t believe it’s Friday again, and therefore time for another inspirational blog entry for your viewing pleasure.


I am feeling kind of sheepish because I forgot to post my Monday Tip for you and thus the brain fart reference. That is why I am posting this entry very early in the morning so that the day won’t get away with me today and I won’t suddenly wonder why it is Sunday. Can you relate?

Here is a wonderful video that I found on You Tube the other day. Skies on Fire – Speed Painting The Green Children is the title. I love the way the Artist dribbles the paint down over the picture and how she splashes the paint around the heads. I could watch her paint for hours (not meaning to sound creepy). You can also catch up with the artist agnes-cecile on her on Facebook.

I hope you will forgive me for Monday past. I will aim to post last Monday’s tip this coming Monday. See you then!

ART flying back up north?

God Bless snail mail ’cause it is so exciting to stop at the box before I get home and find special mail tucked away that is NOT just bills.This whole being an adult thing sucks sometimes LOL.

Hi all! I promised the other day that I would share pictures of the art I received from my journal page swap partner from the Milliande site. Her name is Lucinda and she actually is NOT from California – she is from Missouri. Love trading art. Here are the pics.

“Queen of the Night” – Lucinda September 2012

“Never Give Up” – Lucinda – September 2012

It’s not nice to fool…Mother Nature!

Mother Nature has graced us with some wacky weather in the last few days and weeks. One day it is so hot you can’t breathe and the next day we begin to gather the troops to look for wood to re construct the Ark 2012! Yesterday She let us know that fall is just around the corner with a gift of a chilly morning and evening.

So, in honour of Mother Nature I have pulled a paint and pass from the files that I worked on a year or so ago just for your art journal viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Mother Nature

It worked! Take a little time for you…I did

Tonight I was self-full (I don’t like the word selfish) and took a little time for myself. A little time where I wasn’t Mommy, chauffeur, homework maven, chef, time manager, personal shopper, and a little time where I could just be me and do whatever the heck I wanted too.

I wanted to make art and I did! I am so happy. Here is the journal page featuring the chair I posted a few days back. I created this page using acrylic paint, washi tape, Pitt and Gelly Roll pens, a photo of the chair, and a funky envelope flap. Hope you enjoy it. It took me less than 2 hours and I had lots and lots of fun. Enjoy!

Heather Gailey – The Chair – 2012

Inspiration Friday

Artist and Blogger love

Today I am going to share with you a few Artist sites/videos that inspire me to create. It has been a long week and I just want to create…so just a few typed words on here with no pics for me and downstairs I go to make art. You’ll just have to click on the links to see what I am creeping these days.

Land of Lost LuggageJulie Pritchard

An instructional guide to going over the edgeIngrid Dijkers

Moleskine Notebook – NosesAntonio Jorge Gonçalves

Check them out and let me know what you think.
Have a great weekend everyone!