Monday’s Top Tips #4

Clean hands warm heart

Before using any kind of paint or artist material try an Artist barrier cream such as this one sold by Windsor and Newton. (Many other companies sell their own version)

Picture taken from

it is a “Lightweight, non-greasy silicone-based cream easily rubs into the skin to form an invisible barrier that protects hands from artists’ materials. Messy digits clean easily with soap and water and irritating substances won’t penetrate the skin. Pleasantly scented, it contains an emulsion of waxes, glycerin, and natural oil, which also condition the skin.”

Comments about Windsor & Newton Artguard Barrier Cream: (from website)

“Stops paint adhering to skin. All paint washes straight off with soap and water, including phthalos and cadmiums in oils, and acrylic paints. Doesn’t feel as though you have anything on your hands once it’s applied – I can’t stand normal barrier creams or hand creams because they feel slimy or sticky.”

Keep your clean up to a minimum and try it!


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