Make a Timeline

How can you inject your creativity and creative mind into a job that is not necessarily creative? I have an idea for you.

Sometimes it is not easy, but here is something that worked for me.

Ask your Boss/Manager if you can make a timeline for your department or the contract/project you are working on. Here are two pages of the 7 page timeline I was able to complete while I was at my last job. The company had one, but not our tiny perfect project, so I decided to take on the challenge.

I used plain white printer paper, drew the picture initially with pencil and then inked them all with my Sharpie. I set them up with the dates and months going across the top and then how we were feeling and what was going on for the company down the left hand side. You can set yours up however you like!

I won’t post all of them as I don’t want to give away any top-secret info. LOL. Do you have a “creativity injection” you can share with me? I am always open to new ideas.

TIOW timeline – by Heather Gailey
TIOW timeline – by Heather Gailey

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