Monday Top Tips # 5

Top Tip As promised….giving two for the price of one!

#1 – Whenever I can, I love to recycle. Lately, I have used leftover sushi containers for my painter’s pallet. They are small, cute, and have a lip so the paint doesn’t leak out. They are perfect and they last a very long time.I have used the one on the top for a several months now. It is like a gift that keeps on giving.

#2 – Who needs to buy expensive stuff when you can make your own art supplies? Found object art is on the rise and when money is tight, I look around to see what there is lying around the house. The challenge of looking around the house and in my studio for found objects curbs my urges to run off to the local Michael’s and “blow a bundle”.

The other day I bought some small white erasers at the dollar store. I took one(shown below), drew a pattern, and carved it using an Exacto knife. You could also use lino cutting tools if you felt more comfortable.  It was just a pattern that I made up on a whim and will try to use in my journal over the next couple of weeks. I think it would actually make a nice border with multiple prints.Here is what it looked like after I printed it. I used a stamp pad from the dollar section at Michael’s so the entire project cost me just over a dollar(the erasers come 3 to 4 in a package).
I never really planned that it would turn into hearts!

Hope you enjoyed the tips today. I am adding a few website addresses that you can check out if you want to make your own eraser stamps.

Have a great evening!


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