Pause and Reflect…and I did.

In the session guide for my class it gives instructions to take time to “pause and reflect” as it was the mid-point of our course yesterday.

SO…I did!

The last two weeks were brutal because of the sheer volume of work that I needed to complete (readings, online posts, and a paper). I will be kind and not bore you with an exact list of the items due for homework. I do have the urge though, because as you know…misery LOVES company!

By the end of the two weeks my brain hurt. If I am being honest with you, it still does. I guess it didn’t hurt so much today that I wasn’t able to journal. I meant to clean the house today, but all I wanted to do was journal.

SO…I did!!!

My Brain Hurts by Heather Gailey – October 2012

Mid week I actually felt like my brain was unravelling. Have you ever felt this way??

Materials used:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Alcohol inks
  • letter stickers from Michael’s
  • Magazine picture and letters
  • Pitt marker

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