Nobody’s Perfect

Every time I start to paint a picture I remember that if I don’t like the way it turns out I can always paint over it. When you find yourself at that point it is, in reality, a very hard thing to do. I have worked on this journal entry forever! It is my journal for the second journal pass on the willowing site. I am the organizer and I haven’t even sent out my journal yet. The pass is about halfway complete and the time is ticking – just like a bomb. It has caused me so much stress(among other things).

I set out at the beginning of last week to complete it and send it off by Friday. I reassessed my goal and set the new mailing date for this Monday. I was very happy with how the double page spread turned out….AND…then I went to varnish it. ALL of the black writing(marker – supposedly permanent) smudged into a big grey mess and I started to cry. What do I do now? All this hard work…ruined?

The answer was to take a breath and get some sleep. That is just what I did.

I painted some lighter paint in between each letter and then added some purple and some turquoise paint around them. After the paint dried I went in with some pencil crayon and jazzed it up a bit. Here is the finished product. It is not exactly what I set out to do, but I am happy with the outcome and the mess is fixed for now. I just have to remember that I have met my reassessed goal AND…that I can always paint over it once the journal returns from its world journey if I continue to be unhappy with the way it turned out. After all…Nobody…and no piece of artwork is EVER perfect.

Page one of the two-page spread

Inpsired by a song by Corinne Bailey Rae
Inpsired by a song by Corinne Bailey Rae

Page two of the twp page spread
By Heather Gailey
By Heather Gailey


4 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. I know how you feel! Congratulations on saving this page. I have switched to spray varnish just for that reason. You are so talented Heather. Keep on creating! xo

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