Grannys Rule!

It is about time I talk about grannys, don’t you think? My grandmothers were truly spectacular, strong, and adventurous women now that I think back about it.

I received a journal in the mail last week from the “Willowing” round robin with a theme of “Stately Ladies”. Immediately I thought about my granny and her sisters on my dad’s side. True stately women with big torpedo tits, blue hair, and stockings. The three sisters were Betty the oldest, Jean the middle, and Beatrice the baby. They made up the fabulous Baker-Boys sisters. All three sisters married to wonderful men, all went to Havergal College in Toronto, all had affluent and a wonderful familial upbringing.

My granny, Beatrice, married John (Nickname Jack, middle name Hales) who unfortunately died when I was one. My Aunt Betty, or Aubie as we called her, married Walter (nickname Gray) Graham who sadly also died before I was born. My Aunt Jean Clarke married Bob who was around for my whole life until early adulthood and ended up being the overseer/protector for all the sisters. These three stately women were strong and lived well into their 80’s and 90’s.

I remember stories of how my Aubie went to Japan with the YWCA during the war and then travelled back many times after that to visit friends she had made while staying there. I spent hours listening to stories of riding elephants in India and numerous trips to mysterious and far off places all over the world. With their husbands gone they decided to take the world by storm and travel, which at the time was not something women did (how times have changed).

So, here is my picture depicting three stately and courageous women. Not a photo realistic picture in any way, but an artistic representation of who they were. A memory embrace for me. I love you. I miss you! Who you were has molded me into who I am today. Thank you!

The fabulous Baker Boys sisters


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