A Level Teaspoon of Heather

20150114_170703Hello there! My name is Heather Mitchell Gailey and I am an artist at heart. Art courses through my veins and is woven into every thought I have and all that I do.

I am a Fashion Design Graduate from Ryerson in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I have held various creative jobs over the years in the fashion industry, as well as Visual Presentation, and Interior Design. I have been an entrepreneur for many years as well, initially making and selling various funky fabric related items at craft shows under the name of Kouch Klothes and Scootie Pie Booties, designing wedding and evening gowns, and more recently designing, making, marketing, and teaching doll artistry under the company name of Threadbare Dolls. My love of teaching people how to make dolls and fibre figures led me to teaching people how to get back on their feet after a job loss. While continuing to work in a corporate environment as an Employment Counsellor and Facilitator for a local Employment Assessment Centre, I have kept up with my creative endeavors. My new and recent adventures have been in paper arts, painting, and journal making. I have found that I love the medium of art journaling for personal expression and I hope to be teaching workshops again and sharing all my tips and tricks with you in the near future.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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6 thoughts on “A Level Teaspoon of Heather

  1. Hi Heather! I see you stopped by my art journaling blog! Thank you! I love your blog! You are a wonderful artist! I’ve already added you to my blog list! We art journalers have to stick together
    😉 Cheers! Brian

    1. I will consider myself “sticked”. Thanks for your kind words. I have been looking for other amazing artists to connect with and then I found your wonderful site too. If I can remember how to do it I will add your site to my blog list too.:)

  2. This sounds like a good balance – being creative yourself, and also inspiring others to be creative! Incidentally, I was born near Toronto, and attended highschool there before moving to Tasmania, Australia with my parents and siblings. I now have dual citizenship, and my husband and kids are Australian. I would love to go back one day, to see my birthplace again! =D

    1. That is so cool! That is what I love about travel and the internet. You could be here then there..then talking to someone from here. I am sure that where you are living is much more beautiful than here. I have heard so many good things about Australia. I really enjoyed looking at your creative endeavours on your site. Did you sew those beautiful leaves in the heading?

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