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Here is the cover of my new 10″ x 10″ water-colour paper journal that has begun its around the world journey. I have requested that all artists who work in my journal pick a song with the word “bird” in it or a song that is about birds for their inspiration. I have requested that instead of posting the picture of their artwork for me to see, they post the You Tube video instead. I loved being surprised!

My inspiration for the cover was from a song by the “Be Good Tanyas” called “The Littlest Birds”. It is so Jazzy. Can’t help but tap my toes.

"Littlest Birds" by Heather Gailey 2013
“Littlest Birds” by Heather Gailey 2013
"Littlest Birds" Back Cover by Heather Gailey 2013
“Littlest Birds” Back Cover by Heather Gailey 2013

You can check out my theme pages in an earlier post. The pages showcase the colours mauve and gold with a girls face on one page and a window with birds on the other. My inspiration was this song by Corinne Bailey Rae –

The cover paper table napkins, vintage song sheets, acrylic paints, scrapbook paper, Japanese papers, and a set of single letter stamps I purchased at Michael’s


Over the past couple of years I have held the position of coordinator for two journal round robins. This is where artists get together and each starts a journal. They complete the cover, decide on a theme(or not) and usually do the first page. They then send it on to the next person in the rotation and so it goes until the journal is full of beautiful works of art and then returned to the original artist. Right now I am working on a pass with a group I met at www.willowing.ning.com the group you will have to join once you have signed up is the Collab Group. We have almost completed on full pass of the journals and every one I get in the mail inspires me even more. 

This is the first page in Leila’s journal. She is from Germany! Where else would I get to meet an artist from Germany and own a piece of her art??? It was hard to start her journal and be the first to make an entry as she chose not to complete a first page. Her theme is dreams and treasures. Here is a portion of the cover of her journal. All the journals are so different. I have yet to receive one I have not liked and been inspired to creat in. Sometimes however, I like what I have done so much it is hard to send along to the next person. I get over this hurdle by heading to the local print shop and getting a full colour photocopy of my artwork to keep in my portfolio. I also save one on the computer.

My picture is called…”My dream is to have a happy blended family”. It is a rendering of myself and my two children and my special guy and his two girls. I used soft watercolour pencils and water to blend them and some acrylic paint to punch up the colours a bit. My favourite Sharpie marker makes an appearance as well. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are becoming close friends…me and my Sharpie. Soon I will need to take out shares in the company!

English: A variety of Sharpie-brand markers. A...
English: A variety of Sharpie-brand markers. A retractable, fine point and ultra fine point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The basic journal style construction we used in this group was designed by the famous Teesha Moore. She is truly AMAZING and has a very interesting style and “take” on Art Journalling. She has a step by step You Tube video where she teaches how to make her sixteen page journal out of one piece of watercolour paper. It is called the “Amazing sixteen page journal” and it is fantastic! It is a quick and simple way to make a journal that only costs a few dollars. Much less than a book journal would cost if you were to purchase one. You do not have to use this style of journal if it does not appeal to you. Our group chose it because it was a good size and it would be of an equal weight for mailing all over the world.


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