We are ALL connected

Like ribbons twisting and twirling in the wind, our lives are intricately intertwined with one another. Sometimes we see the connection and sometimes we don’t until the time is right.

OK…so something extremely freaky has happened….

I spoke in an earlier post about the 4″ x 6″ swap I did through the ARThouse Coop. The concept is that it is a random swap with people you have never met. I get a piece of art from someone, and my piece of art goes to someone else totally different. It is not meant to be a reciprocal swap with the two same individuals.

So, here is where the weird stuff comes in.

I sent my piece to the ARThouse Coop, and they sent it on to Meredith and I got a piece from someone else. Just yesterday my own hand written, stamped and addressed envelope comes in the mail with a second piece of art…Guess whose it is??? Yup! Meredith’s! Here it is. I also just noticed that the stamp is not even cancelled. Truly freaked me out!


A Day of Art and Fun

Today was the Heart of Networking event and it was FAB!! After all is said and done and I am back in my cool home (it was the hottest day of the summer), I must admit that the ideas are running through my brain like fairies on a mission. I am grateful to all who provided brainstorming at the “door” of my artsy table, showcasing my art journaling paraphernalia. WIth every word spoken I feel as if this will be what takes me into the next stage of my working life. No more soul crushing work where I can’t seem to find the time after a long day to tap into my creative self. Are you following your bliss? What would it take for you to make a change?

I painted a picture last night for a draw at my table and here it is below. The size was approximately 6″ x 9″ Do you think I should make prints of my work to sell? It is something I am toying with. Help me decide.

Her face showed the road map of her life – by Heather Gailey

I used a vintage road map underneath the paint for a collage effect. I try to find time to visit thrift shops and scan the isles for books and magazines I can rip apart (guilt free) and re purpose in my art. Don’t be hate’in cause I’m ripp’in. The only thing I suggest if you plan to do this too is to watch the “intention” when you are choosing print matter for this purpose. By that I mean, words, have power and therefore I never choose books that are about hatred or extreme sadness. I look for, and use books that are about happiness, peace, and are generally lighter subject matter.

The small business owner that won the draw was Leslie Menagh. Her company name is Under Pinnings and it is in Peterborough, ON. She makes custom-made intimate apparel such as bras and corsets for women of all ages and sizes. You can contact me for more information on her address if you are interested.

I will actually be re blogging some info and a video of her explaining what she does.