Where Are We Now?

I am sure everyone has asked this question of another at some point in their life. I know I have. It is a relationship checkpoint question. It is a question used for clarification. It is a question that possesses a tone of longing.

When I decide that it is time to work in my art journal I do not always know what I will write about or what picture will come to life until I begin to write and paint. I feel as if I am merely a vessel or conduit that art flows through. When I enter into an “adventure” I experience it as a meditation or a trance like state and I am not even really sure how I paint what I paint. I am like a medium. I channel art.

If I asked any one of my artist friends who paint, draw, or work with fibres and fabric, they will agree that their medium owns them as well. The doll births itself. Fibres join together in the way they wish. Paint touches the page exactly where it wants to touch. Any artist will know exactly what I mean when I explain this concept. It is intangible, yet it is real.

This new painting is a mix of collage, paint, and doodling. I used acrylic paint, a charcoal pencil, old sheets of music and book pages, matte medium, Krylon workable fixatif, stencils and a permanent fine line marker.

My Friend Randi-Mae wrote a poem to go along with my drawing and a piece of original magical mystical music with the same title as this post that you can listen to on Soundcloud. It is truly beautiful. I hope you enjoy our collaboration. I hope there will be many more!

By Heather Gailey
By Heather Mitchell Gailey
By Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold
By Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold

When Creative Minds Meet…Sparks fly!

I was invited to meet with a new friend yesterday and had a wonderful time at her soulful studio and home on the water. It was about an hours drive north from where I live, and in the midst of many days of rain, it turned out to be such a beautiful day for a peaceful and meandering drive. Stephanie (my GPS :)) and I had no trouble finding our way.

It is just amazing to see the sparks that fly when creative minds merge together. My new friend is an amazing artist. She does beautiful watercolours and quilts, and she dyes her own yarns and knits socks (anyone who can knit socks is a goddess in my eyes). She collages and writes and I can tell she is an amazing business coach (another hat she wears). I have a feeling it is the beginning of an ongoing and great friendship….I can just feel it in my creative bones.

I made this journal piece using collage elements, acrylic paint, and japanese handmade papers in honour of our get together, and just sent her a copy via email. It is entitled

Friendship Blooms

Friendship Blooms by Heather Gailey – August 2012

Get together with some of your creative friends and get some sparks flying where you live!