All In a dream


I am hosting a new workshop coming up in August on the 17th. We will be designing, drawing and painting our own personal Dream Catchers in our journals. If you live in the Durham Region (Ontario) you should RSVP on the Facebook group ART JOURNAL LOVE and come check out our group of awesome women who have ART in there heARTS. If you don’t live in Ontario – no problem! You should still join the group because it is a place where we can get inspiration and share ideas. Here is the link….

Checking out my Chakras

A couple of weeks ago I went to a very interesting and enlightening workshop about chakras called Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras. It was put on by Karen Mcbride at the Tranquil Garden in Oshawa, Ontario. Karen was an excellent facilitator and had lots of interesting handouts for us to take home. From the assessment we took that night I found out that I was a feeler, a relater, and a shaman. I was really moved by the information I received during the workshop and was inspired to create a journal entry in one of my round robin journals. This page is going out to Kalona in England. It is entitled “Checking out my Chakras”. I used regular acrylic paints, letter stencils, various sizes of Punchinella (sequin waste), and bubble wrap. I really love using found objects to make shapes in my paintings. I am a believer that making art does not need to be an expensive adventure.

Checking Out My Chakras
Checking Out My Chakras

Here is another post of a piece of art I did for Kalona’s first journal in our group. I seem to do some of my best work in her journals. If I do say so myself. LOL!

I Find it very amusing and sometimes unsettling that when I attempt to meditate I can only see greys and misty tones, yet when I paint, I paint bright colours. Does anyone know the reason for this??

What is “learning” to you?


Learning is like Ice Cream – by Heather Gailey

Materials used

  • Pitt Marker
  • Prismacolour Pencil Crayons

Inspiration Friday – In case of brain fart…break glass!

Hello all! I can’t believe it’s Friday again, and therefore time for another inspirational blog entry for your viewing pleasure.


I am feeling kind of sheepish because I forgot to post my Monday Tip for you and thus the brain fart reference. That is why I am posting this entry very early in the morning so that the day won’t get away with me today and I won’t suddenly wonder why it is Sunday. Can you relate?

Here is a wonderful video that I found on You Tube the other day. Skies on Fire – Speed Painting The Green Children is the title. I love the way the Artist dribbles the paint down over the picture and how she splashes the paint around the heads. I could watch her paint for hours (not meaning to sound creepy). You can also catch up with the artist agnes-cecile on her on Facebook.

I hope you will forgive me for Monday past. I will aim to post last Monday’s tip this coming Monday. See you then!

Inspiration Friday

Artist and Blogger love

Today I am going to share with you a few Artist sites/videos that inspire me to create. It has been a long week and I just want to create…so just a few typed words on here with no pics for me and downstairs I go to make art. You’ll just have to click on the links to see what I am creeping these days.

Land of Lost LuggageJulie Pritchard

An instructional guide to going over the edgeIngrid Dijkers

Moleskine Notebook – NosesAntonio Jorge Gonçalves

Check them out and let me know what you think.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Ready! Set! Journal!

Last evening I was trying to complete the cover for the new prototype journal I will be using when I start teaching Art Journaling in September. I know these are not the best pictures to post because there is a honking button closure that did not want to co-operate when placed in the scanner. Pooh! I wanted to share it with you anyways and add better pictures later if possible.

Arches cold pressed water-colour paper was the paper that I used to make the journal and I assembled it, and bound it. It is a 14 page journal in the style of Teesha Moore. The closure is a tulle flocked ribbon that I bought from the dollar store, wrapped in the style of the remains of the day journals by Mary Ann Moss. It wraps around twice and then twice around the button to hold the journal closed. I used ransom note style lettering and that is my hand print on the top (no copying my fingerprints to use in your next art heist LOL). The hand print is there to represent that the journal is mine. Each participant who takes the class will of course place their own hand print on their journal. Remember…I said I was going to help you tap into your inner finger painter…and I am!

Here are the pics – With the tie openWith the tie closedI will eventually make an online version of this workshop. Stay tuned! Have a fantabulous Friday!

I am an artist because….

Cristian Mihai is having a contest and is asking people who come to his blog and are interested in being part of the contest to finish this sentence I have written above.

WOW! that is a good one for sure. Sometimes as artists..of any type…we just “are” and cannot always verbalize to someone why we do what we do. Hmmm…I guess I am up for the challenge and I will write what I think about it and share it with you.

I am an artist because…I was born an artist. I came out screaming “I am an artist!” and very soon showed my parents through drawings when I was very little that I would be an artist no matter what. At the age of 6 I told my mother that I was going to be a Fashion Designer and in an unfortunate turn of events while visiting the major art gallery with my mother in Toronto, I once reached up and touched a very expensive oil painting. Security ran from all over the Gallery to chastise me AND my mother for not trying to stop me. I somehow was not even frightened.

My mother later shared with me that this escapade had sealed the deal for her and her belief in my desire to get inside my art, to touch it, and to live it. I did end up following up on my dream of becoming a Fashion Designer and I also had a stint as a famous Canadian Doll Artist for a while. Then a break and now back to my roots of art. Loving every moment of it.

So…Cristain Mihai, I am an artist because…art is in my blood. Art courses through my veins. It makes me happy to make it, and equally as happy to look at it. I live, breathe, eat. and sleep it. and if I could get away with it, I would do nothing else all day long.

Painting and Pencil Rendering by Heather Gailey

When I am cut off from creating art or being in a creative environment, I feel as if my soul is dying. I think that is how I know I am an artist.

By the way…Thanks for asking…

But Heather…I am not an Artist!

Artists not required

Whenever I am out and about networking and talking up Art Journaling and my plans to offer “Creative Wordshops” in the very near future, it surprises me that I always have wonderful, strong women say to me….”But Heather, I am not an artist!” I say…”you don’t have to be. Just come out and have fun and tap into your inner finger painter. I will teach you everything you need to get by, and if you never want to show your Art Journal to anyone outside of the group/class…You…NEVER…have…too.” Just come!

Like this painting I have been working on for a month…A face only a mother could love!

A face only a Mother could love by Heather Gailey – Acrylics, Pencil Crayons, Collage, Japanese handmade paper, Water Soluble Pastels, Sharpie

Just trust me and come out to play when I call on you…OK?

Hiding Within

Intuitive Art

Over the past year I have received two paintings to work on that were just a beautifully painted background with no visible image showing, and yet an image quickly revealed itself to me in the form of a ballerina and the face of a woman. I thought it was called intuitive art, but I can’t seem to find a name for this type of phenomenon anywhere on the internet. All I know is that each time I can see the faint outline of the image clearly in the existing paint.

Do you know what it is called??

Ballerina – Beth’s Paint and Pass – Heather Gailey

hmmmm….Interesting that both the backgrounds were sent to me by Beth.

Face in the Paint – Beth’s journal – Heather Gailey