Ginger prefers to wear her vegas showgirl headdress even when she is not working…crazy title…right?? Sometimes they just come from nowhere.

Here is another 8″ x 10″ Paint and Pass that I received last week in the mail. I got mine back at the same time and I already posted it below – the one with the red bird. Here is a new paint and pass that I am the last artist to add something to before it goes home to the original artist.(tomorrow)

When It arrived it was just a page filled with all types of colourful swishes. No face, no nothing. I wondered for a moment what I would do, and then there it was in the paint…a face. Then the feather idea came – would it be a facinator hat or…? Then the final idea came to me of her being a showgirl who never wants to take off her fabulous headdress. Are you following along with my random thought process? It takes a bit, but you will get used to it. I promise. I am sorry now that I did not scan the before and after like I usually do.

Sioux’s Paint and Pass – Heather Gailey 2012

The artist that had it before me must have added some kind of waxy substance because when I put acrylic paint on the paper it never stuck. That is why the face is not skin tone, because I ended up wiping it all off. Not being able to use paint presented a challenge, so I decided to use my sharpie and my brand new Derwent Art Bars – water-soluble pastels.  They are really fun to use because they go on like a crayon yet you can add water to blend them fully like a paint. The only thing I found is that it is hard to journal over the Art Bars once they are dry because they turn back into a waxy substance, yet do not remain wet or sticky. I highly recommend them.

One of the other artists in the group sewed beads and sequins on to the page and It’s OK because as always…anything goes!


What is a “Paint and Pass” when it is at home?

The KISS Factor

Well…it is hard and easy to explain all at once. To keep it simple I will explain how our group of artists does it.

How does it work, you ask?

Each person paints a background on a piece of paper that is 8″ x 10″. The thicker the better because it has to be able to travel all over the world and not get ruined. In our current groups the minimum is 4 people and the largest has been 6, and the group is made up of all levels of artistic abilities. It is less about the art and more about the connection to others. The art is lovely and always inspiring.

Each artist involved sends their painted background on to the next person on the list and they paint something on the background that inspires them. Sometimes they have it for a day and sometimes longer. The aim is to try to move it along to the next person within 10 days and to try to add and not take away from what anyone else has done. Then they pass it on to the next person, and so on, and so on, and so on, until the finished painting comes back to the original owner. Here is the background I sent out just before the new year. I used a piece of thick, textured, scrapbooking paper and acrylic paint.


Heather Gailey Paint and Pass – 2011


Here is the collective/collaborative painting I received back the other day. 

Heather Gailey and Friends Paint and Pass – 2012

If you need assistance getting a Paint and Pass up and running, message me and I will give you all my best tips and advice. It is really fun!