A Day of Art and Fun

Today was the Heart of Networking event and it was FAB!! After all is said and done and I am back in my cool home (it was the hottest day of the summer), I must admit that the ideas are running through my brain like fairies on a mission. I am grateful to all who provided brainstorming at the “door” of my artsy table, showcasing my art journaling paraphernalia. WIth every word spoken I feel as if this will be what takes me into the next stage of my working life. No more soul crushing work where I can’t seem to find the time after a long day to tap into my creative self. Are you following your bliss? What would it take for you to make a change?

I painted a picture last night for a draw at my table and here it is below. The size was approximately 6″ x 9″ Do you think I should make prints of my work to sell? It is something I am toying with. Help me decide.

Her face showed the road map of her life – by Heather Gailey

I used a vintage road map underneath the paint for a collage effect. I try to find time to visit thrift shops and scan the isles for books and magazines I can rip apart (guilt free) and re purpose in my art. Don’t be hate’in cause I’m ripp’in. The only thing I suggest if you plan to do this too is to watch the “intention” when you are choosing print matter for this purpose. By that I mean, words, have power and therefore I never choose books that are about hatred or extreme sadness. I look for, and use books that are about happiness, peace, and are generally lighter subject matter.

The small business owner that won the draw was Leslie Menagh. Her company name is Under Pinnings and it is in Peterborough, ON. She makes custom-made intimate apparel such as bras and corsets for women of all ages and sizes. You can contact me for more information on her address if you are interested.

I will actually be re blogging some info and a video of her explaining what she does.


Need a Prompt?

Well…I worked hard all day to come up with some journal prompt cards to take to my Networking event on Tuesday. I am going to get colour photo copies of them tomorrow and then I will ask people who come to my table to fill one out on the spot. My intent is to show them that working in an art journal does not have to be daunting, and that it can be fun and fulfilling. We will see what happens! In the meantime feel free to fill one out of your own and if you pass them on to others please let them know that it was me who had this brilliant idea. LOL – Actual size 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ finished

Here’s My New Bag ‘O Tricks

Shopping Spree!

Had to share this great find with you! I was shopping in Curry’s yesterday for journals to show at the networking event I am attending next Tuesday and on the way out I saw this bag and matching pencil-case. I decided to buy it because when I lug around all my art supplies and journal when I go out I am always struggling to keep it all together and not spill it all over the ground. Now I won’t have to worry because I will be comfortable and stylish too! That is always a good thing in my book.                                                           The bags are made by a company called Blue Q. They make the bags out of grain sacks and do a lot of recycling with their product line. They also have a witty irreverence in their branding which I can appreciate. I might have to get more. It was just so hard to pick one.

Re: Networking

As for the networking event, I am planning to rent a table on Tuesday to showcase all my art journal paraphernalia. I am hoping to gather interest for the workshops I plan to run in September. I will keep you posted as to when they will be and how much they will cost.

Gotta go pack the bag!!

Another journal has come my way

Another journal has come my way from one of the group members who lives in England. Her name is Kalona and her journal theme is Magic and Mysteries I believe. I have only roughed out a sketch of what I am going to do. I decided to do a wizard and he will be completed using acrylic paints and prisma colour pencil crayons. I originally thought that I would portray him standing with lightning coming out of his hands and staff, but he told me was a tired wizard and wanted to be portrayed in an more gentle light. Funny how your art decides what it wants to be. I used to have that happen to me all the time when I was designing and making art dolls. I wanted a certain doll to have purple hair and there was a fight and she ended up with red hair…and NO…I am not “off my rocker”. So here he is. I have not thought of a name for him as yet. Completion to be saved for next week when all the grad ceremonies are over. I will post more pictures as I get closer to completing him and then a final reveal before mailing on to the next member.

The Wizard