Art Journal LOVE!

Art journal love

I  wanted to drop in to let you know that as of June 10th 2016 I have decided to close down my Meet up group Art Journaling 101 and open a new group up on Facebook called Art Journal Love. The meet up platform was great and well laid out, but it was getting a bit pricey each month when added to room rentals and supplies. This way there is more money for fun! Join us on Facebook to see when the next event will be taking place and watch my new you tube video attempt for the beginnings of a weekly art journal prompt.

Here is the info and the link. I hope you will join us for some fun.


Art is on the move again

I have been away for a bit from my blog, but art has been on the move behind the scenes.

Many journal pages and ATCs have changed hands. I thought I would take a few minutes to post some of them and to say hello. My course is over in 3 weeks and then I can get back to some serious art blogging. I would like to try making a video too!

First things first – Journal Page Swap from Milliande site.  I sent this one…

The Wheel of Life by Heather Gailey

And this one…(to the Netherlands)

Cornfield by Heather Gailey

I got back these two from Suzanne Skene in the US.

“The Wheel of Life” and “Apple Harvest” by Suzanne Skene

Second Things Second – I sent these two…(to Florida) – Doors closed

Behind Closed Doors by Heather Gailey

Doors open

Behind Closed Doors 2 by Heather Gailey

And this one…(The feet actually move!)

The Dancing Witch by Heather Gailey

and got back these two from California from Charlene Callahan

Frankenstein by Charlene Callahan

and this one (The skeletons legs and arms move)

Dia De Los Muertos by Charlene Callahan

I have to say that I am enjoying this art swapping adventure. It is great to meet people from all over the world and own a tiny piece of their creativity. These pages are 5″ x 7″ and we trade two a month. After the year is up, the group suggests that the pages be bound together. We will see how long I can keep this up.


Gems in the Heart of the Inner City

Graffiti Art – Queen Street West

This is not art journaling…of course, BUT this art inspires me to make art.

I could stand on the street staring at Graffiti for hours just as if I was in a formal gallery like the AGO. It is mesmerizing. In fact, if I ever bought a house or store with an ugly brick wall, I would hire someone to paint something beautiful on it.

Can you take lessons on how to do graffiti??

Queen Street West – Toronto, Ontario


Queen Street West – Toronto, Ontario

It looks like you could take the fish right out of his hands.


Make your own name in grafitti letters from this link and watch this rocking video. It actually asks the burning question… is grafitti real art. I think so!


Rainbows are all around us!

Here is a new journal entry that I completed tonight to take with me as part of my display for the networking event next week. I used one of the new journals, acrylic paint, vintage collage papers, matte medium, washi tape, and my sharpie. It was done in no time at all…in fact…I forgot how much fun it was to get messy with paint and just let the ideas flow.

The other day I went out my front door and onto the lawn to see that it had been raining. There in front of me was a divine rainbow that formed a huge magnificent arc. I stood there staring with my mouth open because it was so beautiful. The colours were so vivid I would have sworn that if I walked down the street I would have been able to capture the pot of gold. It was WOW!! Sooooo…I made a journal entry about that day.

Keep your eyes open for the beautiful things around you this week as they are all around us and help us to put things into perspective.


Heather Dreams in Technicolour

4″ x 6″ is a Challenging Challenge

Heather Dreams in Technicolour by Heather Gailey May 2012

I decided to join the Arthouse Coop site because of the exciting mini projects they have all the time. Over the winter they send emails about what is happening and you either join up or not depending if it is something you are interested in or not. You have to be quick though because if you snooze you lose out. They only set 1000 to 2000 spots for each project and they can be gone as fast as RUSH concert tickets being released through Ticket Master.

Explanation of the 4″ x 6″ project in the words of  Arthouse Coop                                      (reprinted from the website)

“There’s no better feeling here at Art House HQ than the arrival of the mail — each day brings us a slew of inspiring artwork from all over the map. The 4 x 6 Exchange is designed to share that thrill by creating an art swap on a global scale. Sign up for the project and mail us a 4” x 6” artwork and a USPS self-addressed, stamped envelope. We’ll exchange your work with another artist’s submission and surprise both of you with the results! Keep your eyes on your mailbox…”

How it works

When you have completed your artwork you send it off to the Brooklyn Archives in New York and when they get everyone’s art they throw it all in a big green garbage bag and mix it up good! (no they don’t do that really) Just had a funny picture enter into my mind..just had to share it. Then they turn around and send you a secret little piece of art back. It is very magical. The name of my piece was Heather Dreams in Technicolour. On the back of my picture I wrote a note and requested that the artist that received my picture send me an email to let me know where it landed. I have done many swaps with people all over the world and it is so exciting when you get to find out where your art is living.

What did I get??

Well! I got an email and a photo of the artist holding my piece. I was so happy!! Her name is Meredith and she lives in Los Angeles. Here is the picture she sent me. .

What secret little piece of art nubbin did I get back in the mail??

I received a tiny perfect postcard style piece of art in the mail from Maureen in Boston. She used watercolour paint for the background on heavy watercolour paper and then added the owl as a collage element. The wonderful thing is that it is really an anything goes art swap.

 I am VERY interested in swaps if anyone wants to arrange one with me. Just get my info from the contact information tab and let’s talk swap!!

The fun starts now!

Hi everyone! I have finally decided to start and ART blog. It will focus on my adventures in art journalling and might also showcase some of my other artistic endeavours. I hope you will join me on this adventure. Who knows…I may even start to offer some art journalling workshops. Want to come out to play???